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About Kansai Aerial

Kansai Aerial is a performance group based in a studio in Kutsukake, Kyoto City, that mainly performs aerial acts.
In order to spread contemporary circus from Kyoto, we hold lessons, regular events and performances.

For performance inquiries or requests, please contact .

About the class

Kansai Aerial Kutsukake Studio holds a variety of aerial (air performance) classes.

Even if you have no experience in dance or gymnastics, you can feel free to take our classes in the same way as you would take a general fitness class.

We will be posting updates on our classes on various social media platforms, so please be sure to check them out.

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Click here for details of each class

Class schedule here

Safety Measures

Kansai Aerial Kutsukake Studio is a sturdy studio that was purpose-built after careful research and with the assistance of experts from Japan and abroad.

​Internal equipment is installed and regularly maintained by personnel who hold IRATA certification, an international qualification for working at heights.

We also invite experts to the studio to give rigging (hanging) work and rescue training, ensuring thorough safety management.

In order to prevent injury, not only at high places but also at low places, teachers who have learned safe assistance and teaching methods and are well-versed in the body, are also equipped with several thick urethane mats in the studio.

Instructor Introduction



Classes: Vertical dance, aerial silks, aerial rope, aerial stretching


After graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School, she performed in numerous stages, events and shows as a dancer and aerial performer. In 2015, she moved to the UK and studied aerials, acrobatics and other physical theater performances comprehensively at the Circomedia Circus School degree course for two years until 2017. After returning to Japan, she is based in Kyoto and is working to dispel the traditional image of circus and spread modern circus. She is the representative of Kansai Aerial.

Tomoko Sakato


Classes in charge: Static Trapeze, Kids Circus


She learned dance from a young age, studied drama at university and encountered pantomime. After performing as a clown character, her interest shifted to the circus, and she went to Australia to study.
He entered the Circus Department (NICA) of Swinburne University in Australia and received specialized training for three years, mastering aerial acts, specializing in trapeze arts.
After returning to Japan, she toured Japan with Kinoshita Circus for three years, and is currently a member of Croissant Circus, performing at festivals, on stage, in modern circuses, etc. She also works as a hula hoop exercise instructor in Kyoto.



Classes taught: Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock, Static Trapeze

ual: Graduated from Central St. Martins MA

Her main occupation is the representative of a fashion marketing company. She mainly translates fashion news and makes stage costumes. She is currently exploring new possibilities for aerial sports, such as collaborations between aerials and other genres of dance, performance locations, costume design, and installation methods.

2014 PPS Aerial Tournament Hong Kong Amateur Hoop Division 3rd Place
Aerial hoop, 2nd place, runner-up



Class: Kids Circus


In 2013, she discovered aerial rings and became so absorbed in them that she quit her job and became obsessed with them. She currently works as both a caregiver and an instructor.



Class: Aerial Silks


I have been dancing for 15 years and aerial dancing for 5 years.
I live in Osaka and love cats and shrines.

She had been dancing since she was a child, but wanted to learn more, so she went to a vocational school for dance.
He encountered and studied various genres, mainly hip-hop, and gained experience in shows, back-up dancing, etc.

One day, she discovered aerial dancing at an artist's live performance, and was drawn to its beauty, so she decided to pursue aerial dancing. She works as an office lady during the day and a dancer at night, training every day!


Kansai Aerial Kutsukake Studio

Address: 13-204 Oeda Kutsukakecho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 610-1106

     View on Google Maps


Phone number: 070-4449-1567

(Please note that we may not be able to respond during class hours.)

Access to the studio

From the East Exit of Hankyu Katsura Station:

Take the Keihan Kyoto Kotsu bus ( lines 1, 2, 13, 14, 25, and 28).

Get off at Geidai-mae (about 20 minutes). It is across the street from the bus stop .

From JR Katsuragawa Station or Hankyu Rakusaiguchi Station:

Take the Keihan Kyoto Kotsu bus No. 11A (bound for Kyoto Seisho High School).

Get off at Geidai-mae (about 15 minutes). It is across the street from the bus stop.

Parking: 3 spaces

If you are coming by car, we recommend arriving early.

There are a limited number of parking spaces, so there may be no spaces available.

We appreciate your understanding.

*General coin parking is about a 15-minute walk away. See the map

*When participating in an event, you may not be able to use the parking lot depending on the event's production.

We ask for your cooperation in using public transportation as much as possible.


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