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Vertical Dance

Vertical dance is still rare in Japan.

It is a performance that uses the walls of buildings, pillars, trees, etc. Hanging from a rope, he kicks the wall to jump, and runs like a pendulum.

Performers run and dance high above the audience.

This can be done indoors or outdoors, all year round. (If outdoors, it will be cancelled in the event of rain or bad weather.)

Under the blue sky during the day and illuminated at night.

If the location is different, the performance will be unique to that location. It is ideal for events such as the unveiling of a building or a commemorative ceremony, when you want to leave an impression on the audience.

Solo & Group Shows

According to your wishes, the performers will perform aerial routines using various equipment.

・Aerial Silks (Solo/Duo)
・Aerial Hoop (Solo/Duo
・Aerial Hammock ・Aerial Rope ・Spanish Web ・Static Trapeze

・Partner Acrobatics etc.

It is also possible to combine multiple performances.
You can order from one song (3-5 minutes). We can do a variety of performances for both children and adults, such as showcases, story-based performances, and street performances.

Aerial Bartending

Aerial bartending is perfect for fancy parties such as New Year's parties and weddings.
Performers will pour drinks from the air to entertain guests.

We can also provide a small champagne tower.

Sometimes graceful, sometimes acrobatic. This unusual surprise will add a touch of glamour to your event and bring smiles to your guests' faces. The performance is not on a distant stage, but right at zero distance, making it even more impressive!

It can also be used for promotional events for alcohol and beverages, product image photography, etc.


Flow of performance request (example)



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